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For your Windows PC

Why Automatic Email Manager is good for your business?

  • Save time & money
  • Focus on your work
  • Automatic Email Manager runs alone on background
  • With or without user logged on your PC/Server
  • Doesn't need Outlook or any other email reader
Main interface
Printer for email and attachment

Receive automatically your emails & documents directly on your printers

  • Add page number and/or a stamp with date, time, or any other information
  • Print all attachments like PDF, Word, Excel, images, eFax, ...
  • Add conditions to print only legitimate emails & attachments
  • Extract email part to be printed with the data extractor
  • Working on background, focus on your work ;)
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Save on disk your email in PDF, text, eml,...

  • Choose the saving format you need: PDF, EML, MSG, TXT, Image
  • When it converts your email in PDF you can add a stamp like 'Received'
  • Save all attachments on any drive locally or on network
  • Convert attachments in PDF and save it on disk*
  • Use conditions to process only legitimate emails & attachments
  • It is ideal for archiving/backup
*Only some attachments type can be converted in PDF
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Save email in any format
Sending email

Send, reply or forward emails automatically

Do you need to send confirmation automatically? or simply forward an email copy? or just send emails if a specific email or attachment is received?

  • Action to send an email
  • Action to reply an email
  • Action to forward an email
  • Use your own email template
  • You can even add automatic attachments (file or a full folder)
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Much more automatic actions available

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Organize your inbox by deleting, copying or moving emails to another folder

Very useful to do some actions like print/save and then move to an archive folder.
Or just delete your illegitimate emails to keep your inbox clean!

  • Delete email after process or after x days
  • Move or copy to another folder for backup or archiving
Take a look to actions delete, copy and move emails »
Move email folder
change email state to seen or unseen

Change email state

Change the email state, when other actions are done, to read or unread, important, ...

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Email data extractor

Extract data from email

Create models to extract data from your email body, like part of an order, or address part,...

  • Extract from email HTML body or TEXT body
  • Use data extractor models when printing or saving email
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Execute command

Execute external program

You have a script to run an external program or command like a .bat when new emails or attachments are available?

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Working with any email box

It is extremely easy to setup with the assistant, it is able to connect to any email box like Gmail, Exchange server, Cloud emails service Office 365, Yahoo mail, Hotmail,, Orange mail, Verizon, any IMAP4 or POP3, ...

  • Process emails in real time with PUSH method (if your email box supports it)
  • At regular interval (for example every 10 minutes or 1 hour)
  • At specific hour (for example everyday at 09:00AM)
  • You can also use the advanced scheduler and define to check only some days between times range
All emails types supported

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Conditions to match the right email

Use conditions to process only some emails

Conditions are your friends ;), very simple to add rules to apply action when it match:

  • If sender email...
  • If recipient (To / Bcc / cc)...
  • If subject...
  • ...

You can even schedule when the filter is active. For example only the monday during 9:00 to 11:00.

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For any Windows

Actually running only on Windows, this software is safe and is signed with electronic certificate.
It can be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, server 2016 / 2012 / 2008.

For Windows

Need branding?

We offer white label solution for companies, as well as solution affiliation for reselling the product.

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Personalized, customized?

You need a specific function, we can do it. You have just to send us a description of your needs, then we evaluate it and give you a price and delay estimation.

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Happy customers feedback

Thank you so much for you excellent support even though I did not own the software you were there the whole time and fixed all the issues. I have never had such fantastic support from a software company before. I will be recommending your product to all my colleges and business associates. Thanks again for all you support.
Patrick D./The AutoX, LLC - USA
In a day and age where you have dificulties getting support for applications. Namtuk is the exception!!! They are quick to provide support for issues or any bugs that may have surfaced. THANK YOU!!!
Diamond Pharmacy Services

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To summarize Automatic Email Manager?

Automatic Email Manager is a software installed on your Windows PC or tablet (version for Android, IOS or Mac OS contact us). It will monitor your e-mailbox and automatically detects new emails then applies the defined action(s) such as printing email and/or attachments (FAX, PDF, Word, Excel, Photos, TIFF,...), deleting, copying or moving the emails on the server, save emails and attachments on disk, merging in PDF, sending automatic reply or forward email, and much more... All this directly to your e-mailbox without any download in your email reader software (like Outlook, Pegasus, Lotus note,...).
The software run as a Windows Service on background and does not need any user interaction to work.

How it will help you?

You have a restaurant with online order? Receive your orders directly to your kitchen and desk...
You own a webshop? Send automatic reply to each order, print invoice and order to the delivery printer...
You are an agency? You need to save all emails for archive in PDF, eml, txt,...
You just want to receive your important emails/attachments and apply actions?

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Main interface for Automatic Email Manager