How to choose the best receipt printers for your emails, orders and packing list

Find here the top 3 receipt printers to use with Automatic Email Manager

I need to buy a receipt printer, which one?

Regularly you ask us which receipt/POS printer do you recommend to work with Automatic Email Manager. You might be overwhelmed by the number of options available on the market. There are different types of receipt printers, such as thermal, dot matrix and inkjet, each with its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the speed, quality, cost, and durability of the printing. To help you make a decision, with our past experience in POS (Point Of Sales) Software we selected some factors to consider when choosing your receipt printer.
The most important is that we prefer the quality than a cheaper chinese printer, we prioritize the thermal printer (faster) with auto-cut paper, the printing speed is very high in our selection, so don't worry you will be satisfied with the ranking.

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  • Epson, Star, Bixolon, Citizen are the leaders for this type of product
  • We do not recommend 'noname' printers without brand and especially without an official good driver
  • Always install the official printer driver, don't use the Generic text driver from Windows
  • Automatic Email Manager works perfectly with receipt printers to print your emails, orders, packing list

Our choices for 2024:

There is so many models on the market that it is easy to be lost, you can find some Chinese printers at very low price (from $30) but without a decent printer driver, which is a big source of problems when you want to print something else than raw text, you will lose a lot of time to make it work (my personal experience 😉 ). Then you have well known Point of Sale manufacturers like Epson with a full range of receipt printers, or Citizen, Star, Bixolon… These manufacturers have very long and good experience in Point of Sales system, especially in receipt printers.
We really suggest you to think twice before purchasing a low cost printer, add a few more dollars to get the best printer like Epson TMT88, which is a receipt thermal printer, very fast, very reliable, with the best Windows printer driver, you will keep it over 10 years without a problem.

Here a non-exhaustive list of reliable receipt printers with driver link, we highly recommend you to purchase a receipt printer from your local IT/POS shop which will give you good advices and help you with settings, anyway if you prefer to order online we provide you a link to purchase in USA.

 For information this list is provided by us without any sponsorship or affiliation program.

Brand Model Price Thermal Paper width Speeds up to Auto-cutter USB Bluetooth Network Driver quality Where to order
Epson TM-M10 $149 Yes 80mm 150mm/sec Yes Yes Yes Optional Perfect
Get it here
Choose a local dealer, first
or online with
Epson TM-T20 $195 Yes 80mm 250mm/sec Yes Yes No Optional Perfect
Get it here
Choose a local dealer, first
or online with
Epson TM-T88 $350 Yes 80mm 300mm/sec Yes Yes No Optional Perfect
Get it here
Choose a local dealer, first
or online with
Star TSP143 $255 Yes 80mm 250mm/sec Yes Yes No Optional Perfect
Get it here
Choose a local dealer, first
or online with
Citizen CT-S310II $170 Yes 80mm 150mm/sec Yes Yes No No Good
Get it here
Choose a local dealer, first
or online with
Bixolon SRP-S350 $205 Yes 80mm 250mm/sec Yes Yes No Optional Perfect
Get it here
Choose a local dealer, first
or online with

Read our ranking at the conclusion of this article.

Discover how it is easy to auto-print on your receipt printer

This example shows you how to auto-print the orders you receive in your email body from your eCommerce platform or from your website (with WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop,...), then mark the email as read. In the final step, we define a condition in the scenario to not print all emails, only the ones with the keyword Order, this condition is optional.

Step one. Add the email in Automatic Email Manager

Add the email address which receives the orders, it will try to detect the connection type (Gmail, O365, Exchange, Imap).

NOTE: If you didn't installed the 30 days trial version of Automatic Email Manager
Click here to download Automatic Email Manager »

Add email account to receive your orders
Scenario to print emails with orders

Step two. Create the scenario to print emails

  1. Add the action to print email body, and set the printer as describe at next step
  2. Add the action to mark email as read, perfect to see which email has been printed or not. Alternatively, we suggest you to use the action to move email from inbox to another folder (like processed), it is great for keeping the inbox clean of old emails.

Step three. Set the best settings for your receipt printer

When you received your receipt printer, you installed the printer driver in your Windows which lets you print over it. Now in Automatic Email Manager, when you add the print action it will list you the printers installed, select the one you want, then click on right button 'Settings'.
By default, Automatic Email Manager will print using the default printer settings (for example a letter/a4 paper format, color,...), but with a receipt printer you must select the right paper size.
Generally your receipt printer is a 80mm paper width, with unlimited lenght, you have to select the right paper in the properties like on this screenshot.

Set your printer settings as it should be
Condition to filter only order emails

Final step. Set a condition to process only emails with an order

When you receive a new order, generally it is a formatted email with some keywords in subject, like 'New order #xxxx from john.doe'. In this case it is very easy to create a rule to filter the emails:
If Subject CONTAINS New order
That's mean only email with these keywords will be processed by Automatic Email Manager, simple!


Invest in a well-known manufacturer, with a reliable product you can use it for 10-20 years without any problem (that's the magic of POS world!). And with a quality product the second-hand market is always much more easy to sell. We don't recommend you to purchase a low cost 'noname/chinese' model, you will be disapointed for sure (except for the price!).
Keep It Simple & Stupid, we suggest you to purchase an USB printer which is so simple to connect, except if your printer must be located far from the PC with Automatic Email Manager (network receipt printer price has a significant higher cost).

Now you can print your emails on your receipt printer with Automatic Email Manager. Enjoy!

Our top 3 manufacturer ranking is:

1. Epson / 2. Star / 3. Bixolon

Our top 3 receipt printer ranking is:

N°1 - Epson TMT-88

Average price $350

Epson TMT88
The reference in the Point Of Sales (POS) world since 25 years.
Very high printing speed (even if you don't see the difference with a 150mm/sec when you print a ticket every minute).
Excellent brand.
Four-year warranty.

2nd - Bixolon SRP-S350

Average price $205

Bixolon SRP
Good price, fast and reliable, it is also waterproof.
Two-year warranty

3rd - Star TSP143

Average price $255

Star TSP143
Very fast and strong, the printer driver is very good and is simple to install and use.
Four-year warranty.

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