Automatically print your emails with attachments.


Your emails directly on your printers

After adding your email account(s) you can add the print email body action...

  • Select any printer installed on pc or on a network
  • Use your own printing template
  • Print only part of your email with the Data Extractor (read more »
  • Add page number
  • Add stamp on page, like 'Received on ...', 'Shipped...', etc.
  • You can send emaiul out to print on multiple printers
  • Print raw text format to any receipt printer like Epson TMT88/Seiko, etc
  • Working with cloud printer? Read this tutorial »
Options to print email body

The attachments printed, or not!

Automatic Email Manager can process a lot of attachment types, the most popular ones are:

  •   Adobe acrobat PDF (even protected with password)
  •   Word / Excel
  •   Text file, RTF, XML
  •   Images, photos (jpg, png, bmp,etc)
  •   Electronic fax (in PDF or TIFF)
  • PRN files
  • And much more...
Screenshot of printing attachment options

A lot of options easy to use:

  •  Save paper by printing 2 or 4 pages per sheet
  •  Create your own printing template with notepad
  •  Print email and attachments in a single job (when possible)
  •  Send to any local or network printer
  •  Limit the number of characters to print
  •  Print to receipt printer
  •  Print to cloud printer
  •  Choose to print email body in html or text format

Use conditions to not print all emails (avoid junk emails)

You can set conditions with rules based on:
Sender email, recipients
Text in email
Attachment filename

Take a quick look at conditions »
Process only specific emails with rules

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