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Automatic Email Manager, a product developed by Namtuk (company founded in 2004), was launched in 2006 under the name Automatic Print Email. The product was originally done for a company to auto print important order emails like a fax machine because the secretaries didn't check email boxes at regular interval (it was 2006!).
As the product evolved and added more and more functions, the name was changed in 2010. The product is now sold under different trademarks in various countries and offers a branding solution to companies.
Customization is also available for those who require a specific set of features. If you're interested in this service, please contact us for a quotation.

At Namtuk, we pride ourselves on providing products that meet the specific needs of our customers and refrain from adding unnecessary features just to make the specification sheet look impressive. With our products, you get exactly what you need. With over 22,000 customers in 80+ countries, we have a proven track record of delivering software solutions that work.

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very good product, use it since 2013, can fully recommend it.

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