About Automatic Email Manager

by namtuk.com

Automatic Email Manager has been launch in 2006under the name Automatic Print Email, then with more and more functions the name changed in 2010. With the branding solution, Automatic Email Manager is also sold under some others trademarks in different countries, are you interested to get this product under your own brand, get more information here ».
The option to customize the application for your specific needs is also possible, if you are interested in this service, just contact us for a price quote.

Namtuk is a software development company that was founded in 2004 by individuals who had formerly worked for various dotcoms (sm, sio). We strive to provide our customers with products that meet their precise needs. We also refrain from adding useless features to our software just to make the specification sound impressive. With our products, what you need is what you get...

Happy customer testimonial

This software is very useful and saves a lot of time for us! We are using Automatic Email Manager 6 to print invoices that we recieve to an office365 shared email account.
Smarthem - Sweden

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We are happy to answer your questions about the product.