Your emails and attachments converted and saved in PDF format automatically.


It is very easy with a lot of options

  • Select the folder and filename, you can include variables like email address, date,etc
  • You can choose to place email body after attachments and vice-versa
  • Choose a predefined template or create a new one
  • You can extract only part of your email with the Data Extractor (read more »)
  • Add page number or stamp on page (like date and time)
  • Works with any storage (network drive, USB, cloud,etc)
Options available to merge in PDF

Use conditions to not save all emails

You can set conditions with rules based on:

  • Subject
  • Sender email, recipients
  • Text in email
  • Attachment filename
  • ...

Take a quick look at conditions »
Process only specific emails with rules

Read some related tutorials for merging email and attachments

Try it by yourself during 30 days

See how easy it is to merge your email with attachment in PDF