Automating email response is simple.

Redistribute emails with automation

One of the best ways to improve your productivity and efficiency is to create an automation for all your incoming emails. This will save you tons of time every day and reduce the chance of manual errors. Here are some benefits of email automation and how to use it:

  • Use the auto-reply action to quickly inform senders that their message has been received. This will improve the overall communication experience and reduce frustration for senders.
  • Use the auto-forwarding action to help distribute information and responsibilities among team members or different departments. For example, a sales team might use auto-forwarding to quickly distribute specific leads to the appropriate team member. You can set up rules to forward emails based on various conditions, such as sender, subject, or attachments.
By automating routine tasks, employees can focus on higher-value tasks that require more attention and creativity. Email automation can help you streamline your workflow and eliminate unnecessary steps. You can also use email automation to trigger other actions, such as auto-printing, send notification to Slack, Teams, Telegram,...


  • Perfect to send auto responses and improves the overall communication experience
  • Great to forward emails to the right service at the right moment
  • Best for administration, companies with many teams
  • Works with all email boxes
  • You receive 10-50 emails/days, imagine the time saved to answer or forward
Actions to auto send emails

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  • Trigger when a new email is detected in your email box
  • Auto-Send & Auto-reply email with custom template, choose recipient and the attachments
  • Auto-Forward email, including original email as an attachment
  • Extract data from original email to create a new email
  • Add any attachment(s) from folders

Action: Send emails

Add this action in any scenario to send an email to one or multiple recipients, it is triggered when a specific email is coming in your inbox.

  • Specify the sender (generally you!) and the recipient(s)
  • You can define your own email model with templates (in text or html format)
  • Set the subject or extract data from original email
  • You can attach a single file, or all files from a folder, or all attachments from original email
Read the documentation on sending email »
Auto-Send email options

Action: Reply emails

Very similar to the action 'Send email', you don't have to select the recipient.

  • The recipient email is automatically filled because it is a reply
  • Choose the model template for email text
  • Set the subject, you can also get the original subject with the available fields
  • You can attach a single file, or all files from a folder, or all attachments from original email
Read the documentation on replying email »
Auto-Reply emails options

Action: Forward emails...

Dispatch emails automatically by forwarding the email to the right team/person, triggered by specific incoming email.

  • You need to specify the sender and recipient(s) address
  • Choose the model template for email text
  • Enter the text you want in email subject
  • You can forward original email as attachment and add more attachments
Read the documentation on forwading email »
Auto-Forward emails

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