What's new in version 8?

This version has been released in March 2020 (Covid period!),
in September 2022 the version 9 has been released as a free upgrade to all v7/v8 customers
having a valid subscription (annual or perpetual).

New general features

  • Modern authentication (OAuth) for Office365 and Exchange accounts as well as for Gmail.
  • New safe system to process unknow attachment, if an attachment is not in your authorized list, it will not be processed and the extension is pending your validation.
  • New and better option to get emails based on Unread/Read with a period of the past 2 or 7 or 14 or ... days.
  • New user interface improvments like search mode with filters to display messages, accounts and actions.
  • Black and White lists are now user lists, create any lists and use them in the conditions, actions, ...
  • Improved the data fields manipulation: You can now use the regular expressions (RegEX) to extract data from all fields (like the function LEFT / RIGHT / MID). Read a tutorial here.
Security improved
Rescue action in case of failure

Welcome to the new Actions

  • Great new feature for all Actions (like print, save in pdf, send reply,...), the 'Rescue' action when an action fails you can choose to stop here, process next group/actions or process another action.
  • Add email to list: Get the email address in fields From / To / Bcc to a user list or in a text file. Very useful for example to get all emails received to create mailing list.
  • Call a web address like an API, a script,..., with the new action 'Send a HTTP command'.
  • Execute multiple externals programs, scripts,...
  • Improved: Action Send email / Reply / Forward: Added an easy funtion to add all attachments from original email.
  • Improved: Actions based on attachment (print attachment, save attachment, merge) can now apply REGEX on filename with condition.
  • Improved: Action backup email & attachments: You can now define the paper size, margin and orientation when converting in PDF (before it was using the default printer settings).
  • Improved: When you select a folder in your email box, you can now create, edit and delete folders directly on server side.

A lot of small improvments

  • Simplified the activities backup, by default it saves the latest 7 days log file and a viewer is available in the Activity panel.
  • New field %EMAIL_ATTACHMENT_FOLDER%, which let you find easily where are saved the email attachments, for example to send processed attachments by email
  • Reduced the the logs size.
  • Better alert when license is coming to expiration
  • Better Excel rendering when running in service mode
  • Support internally the CSV files
  • ...
Access to previous log files

If you want to read what was new in previous version 7, take a look here »

Try this new version, it is free during 30 days and free update for all customers running version 7

How to upgrade to version 8?

If you are using a version 7, Automatic Email Manager will notify you to install this update like a regular update.

From an old version 6, 5, 4,..., you have received emails with instructions on how to upgrade, but in case you miss it you have just to download and install the demo version from here », then at first run it will import your old data (but you need a new license to use it after 30 days).

Any question?

We are happy to answer your questions about our product.