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How to get remote assistance

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To get remote assistance you need first to contact us via our web site to make sure the problem can't be solved by email support. Technical team can connect only for crash or important problem, we will not connect for setup your account or create you a template,...If you want someone to setup the software we suggest you to call a technical person in your city or buy from us a remote service.

1. Open Automatic Email Manager, then click on button 'Need Help?'

download team viewer

2. Now click on button '4/ Download  and execute TeamViewer'

If a problem occurs when downloading TeamViewer, then please do it manually from TeamViewer web site ยป.

3. When download finish it displays the login Id and password

Now you have just to send us the login id and password via our contact form (by replying original ticket) or via Live Chat if available. Then we will connect some minutes later.

Run TeamViewer

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