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How to add a shared email box with my Office365 account or Exchange?

Tutorial / Account / For version: 7

Important note:

If Automatic Email Manager doesn't find folders when you use a Shared email box, that's certainly because you are not using a true Shared email box but a Group, which is different, i suggest you to read these 2 articles:
Group email vs shared email:
How to create a shared email in Office 365:

1. Add your email account (or edit an existing one)

Click on tab 'YOUR ACCOUNT(S)', then 'New account'.

Add account from menu

2. Enter your email

First enter the name of the account which will be displayed in Automatic Email Manager, then enter the login email (and not your shared email box) and password.
Note: the option 'Use the advanced mode to setup account' will skip the automatic settings detection and go to step 3.

Account edition

3. If your email is not know you will have to specify manually

Choose the type of email account you want to use: Office 365 or Exchange. 

well known email server

4. Specify your mail server if not filled

Enter the mail server, generally it is something like https://yourExchangeServer.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx or https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx.
Now, click on 'More options', at right you can enter the shared emailbox you want to scan, just enter it.
Click on 'Test connection' to check the settings are good.

Email server address

5. Finish to setup the account like any other account

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