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How to auto print LibreOffice or OpenOffice document

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Since version 7.12 you can force Automatic Email Manager to print specific file type with specific application. For example, if you installed LibreOffice (https://www.libreoffice.org/) or OpenOffice (https://www.openoffice.org/), you can tell to Automatic Email Manager to use these programs to print your attachments.
Always make sure to have latest version of Automatic Email Manager installed.

1. Click on menu 'File', then 'Options', then section 'Email Attachment':

Now you can see the section 'Force special file to be printed with a specific application', as example we added 2 files extensions for LibreOffice: the writer and calc application which are disable by default.

Option to print attachment

2. Edit one the item:

You can now remove the 2 chars -- and select the right application location to enable the extension to be printed with the specified application.

Parameters for auto printing attachment

3. Add your own specific application

It is easy to use external program to print your specific file, just add new item, define the file extension with the dot (example: .ghi), then select the program file and finally the command line if your program needs one.

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