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Branding solution step by step

Tutorial / Branding / For version: 7

You want to sale your own brand on Automatic Email Manager, that's great, we wish you the best with this project.

There is some steps to follow, first i hope you contacted us and exposed all your questions, there is no possible refund and any update after customization has a cost. Generally the delay to receive your branding sample is around a week.

Step 1, create your customization:

Please provide us the following information, even if your website is not ready provide us the final URL:

- Application name

- URL product information

- URL order page

- URL order renew page

- URL support page

- URL contact page

- URL check version page

- Logo image displayed in the 'About' windows. In JPEG or PNG format: size 500 x 100 max.
- Icon in 256 colors, the best is to provide us final .ICO file with size 256*256 / 128*128 / 64*64 / 48*48 / 32*32 / 16*16. If you don't know how to create .ico file just send us the PNG file.

- Optional: The default application colors values (in hexa or rgb)

 - Background light = default is #FAFAFA
 - Blue = default is #8BBA65
 - Blue dark = default is #64AC2A
 - Text light = default is #FFFFFF
 - Text dark = default is #323232

- For the setup you have to provide us 2 pictures in this format: BMP 256 colors, size 500 x 360

branding setup1
branding setup2

Step 2, we check the data:

You send us all these information to the email provided when you contacted us, then we check your data.

Step 3, purchase the branding solution:

To create your dealer account you need to purchase the branding product here:

Step 4, we create the branding sample:

We create a version limited to 30 days and send you the download link for testing it.

Step 5, here you can go...:

When branding is done and tested, you have access to your online account to purchase the first 25 licenses (minimum order). After the license order you will receive a link to download the final branding application.

Information: - Updated the Tuesday, February 6, 2018