Export your emails and attachments to any drive, in real-time, and with zero clicks.

  • Simplify your workflow through easy automation that save and convert emails and attachments
  • Choose from multiple export formats, including PDF, XML, Text, EML, MSG, JPEG, and PNG
  • Your data stays secure—save to a local or network disk even when no user is logged onto the computer
  • Compatible with every mailbox: Gmail, Office365, Exchange, Yahoo, POP3, IMAP4,...
  • Run it silently on your Windows computer or server
  • You receive 50 emails/day » Save at least 1 hour!

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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to export Emails using Automatic Email Manager?

YES. Our solution processes all emails directly on the computer where it's installed. We ensure no data is transferred to third-party services or the cloud, keeping your information secure and within your control.

Can I tailor filters to save particular emails and/or attachments?

Certainly, you can customize conditions using rules to selectively filter emails. This can be done based on varied criteria such as the sender, subject line, content of the email body, or attachment names, among others.

Is it possible for the system to trigger an external script or API after exporting an email?

Yes, once your email or attachments have been exported, the system allows for the addition of an action within the workflow to initiate a script, a program, or an API call. This feature is particularly useful for integration with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, etc.

Will the software work even if I'm not logged into Windows?

Yes, the software is engineered to function as a background Windows service. It will continue to process and save your emails even when you are not logged in to your computer or server.

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