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Damien - Verified order
Software is responding to mail to print functionnality we wanted and there are lots of other functions we are not handling but which seems to be useful. Customer service is also really good and quick.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to convert Email to PDF using Automatic Email Manager?

Absolutely. Automatic Email Manager performs all email-to-PDF conversions directly on the local machine where the program is installed. There is no transfer of data to third-party services or the cloud, thus ensuring your information remains private and under your control.

Can i convert only the attachments to a single PDF?

Yes, Automatic Email Manager offers flexible configuration options. You have the ability to combine the email content with attachments, place them sequentially, extract only the attachments, and even select specific attachments for conversion. For detailed customization options, please refer to the information guide here »

How long does it take to convert an email to PDF?

The conversion process is near-instantaneous. Automatic Email Manager monitors your email inbox at intervals you set, which can be as frequent as every 10 seconds or as spread out as every 10 minutes. Upon detecting a matching email based on your predefined conditions, the software converts it to a PDF in real-time.

Does it work with old emails?

Certainly. Automatic Email Manager connects to your email account and, by default, retrieves emails from the past 7 days. However, you have the option to adjust this setting and select an extended period if needed to access older emails.

Does it work if i'm not logged into Windows?

Yes, our software is designed to run unobtrusively as a Windows service in the background. It will continue to process your emails seamlessly, even if you are not actively logged into your PC or Server.

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