Do you want to sell Automatic Email Manager?

Here are the business partnerships possible between Namtuk and your company.
If you prefer another solution which is more appropriate to your type of market, then you can submit us your idea »

# Affiliation

Do you have a web site? Register as an affiliate with "Namtuk". As an affiliate, you will be able to market our products by placing links on your website. You will receive 20% commission for each sale of these products through the website. It is really easy to set up and only takes around 2 minutes:

# Resell Automatic Email Manager via Bulk Order

Get discount prices on quantity for each order (done automatically when you set the quantity during order). With this method you can purchase 5, 10, 50, 100+ licenses and resell at price set by you to your customers.
See the order page for quantity discount

# Branding solution

Automatic Email Manager can be sold under your own application name, colors and icons to reflect your own brand, please find below the solution we are offering. For special needs just contact us and expose it.


Note: To be eligible for branding you need to purchase the one-time branding product (USD $399) and a minimum order of 25 licenses.

Get the User Interface with your company colors.

Get a UI with your color
  • Application main window colors and title.
  • Image in the about window.
  • Icon in Windows tray, in task bar for main window and in desktop for shortcut (256 color).
  • Setup customization.
  • All web reference like order, support, refer to your web site.
  • You don't have live update, only a link to your website to check version.
  • You receive update on the program only for major build (V7.X0 / V8.X0 / ...).

Online account to manage your licenses.

Online account to manage licenses

You have an online account which lets you purchase credits for annual license, unlimited time license and annual renew license. You can then generate a license when you want, you have full access.

Any question?

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