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The user lists explained

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A user list is a list of data, generally email (dupont@johndoe.com) or part of email (@johndoe.com), which is used in the condition of each group of actions (print, save,…) to process message or not.

Example: We want to print and delete all emails which are from a friends list: Simply edit the group of actions and add a rule like this ‘If sender’ is in the list ‘friends list’.

Note: In previous version the lists name were Black list and White list, now you are not limited in the number of lists.

Edit the user lists

Use list like a black or white list

How to populate the lists?

  • You can populate the list manually by editing the list (top menu ‘TOOLS’, then ‘Your lists’).
  • Right click on the list of emails displayed in Automatic Email Manager and choose in the menu ‘Add this email to a list’.
  • With the action ‘ADD EMAIL TO A LIST’, you can select a user list to add automatically the email address from each message.
  • Or finally by editing the file directly on disk, the lists are saved by default in the folder: C:\ProgramData\Namtuk\AEM8\Lists (but it is loaded only when the program starts).

Use action to populate your user lists

Information: user list, black list, white list - Updated the Friday, March 13, 2020