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Print email and attachments in single print job

Doc. / Print / For version: 7

By default when you print you have 1 print job per document in your printer queue list, in some case you may need to have only 1 job for multiple document (email + attachments) or have page number for all documents, that's why this action has been created, but there are limitations:
- Only some attachments types can be merged together: PDF, Word, Excel, Images, txt, xml,...*
- It takes more time to process this.

Print email and attachment merged

- On this printer: It lists all the printers installed, clicking on 'Settings' let you add specifics printer settings like margin, tray, duplex mode,...

- Add page number: You can add page number in stamp format

- Add a stamp: Like page number it is stamp added to the page, it can be Received on date, Shipped,... what you want in fact.

- To save paper, you can group multiple pages per sheet: Select the number of page to print per sheet

In the email options you can:
general options 

- Merge email body with attachment(s): Specify if you want to merge email with attachment or merge only attachments

- Merge email body first: Define if you want to print first the email or the attachments

- Use this template: Select the data model printed with email body, you can also add or edit templates.

- Use these email data: By default it uses the html email data, but you can force to use other email data or a specific part of the email using the Data Extractor (see here »).

In the attachments options you can:
general options 
- You can set a condition to process only attachment based on filename: As it is describe you can use a condition to print only specific file, for example to print only pdf: 'Contains' '.pdf'

- For Excel you can specify sheet(s): If attachment is Excel it can print only a specific sheet

- If a PDF need password: If PDF is protected you can provide the password to use

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