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How to send or reply or forward email with all attachments from original email?

Tutorial / Email / For version: 8+

Since version 8, you have the choice between 2 solutions to send all attachments from original email, there is a little difference between both but it is very easy to understand..

Solution 1:

The first method is to set the option 'Attach all attachments from original email', it will attach absolutely ALL attachments from original email which includes image(s) inside the email body like signature and all attachments types (even the type you disable in Automatic Email Manager).

Setting to send all attachments from original email

Solution 2:

The second method is to attach only the valid attachments checked by Automatic Email Manager, set the option 'Attach all files in a folder' and click on the right link 'Fields' now select at bottom of the list (or enter it manually) the field '%EMAIL_ATTACHMENT_FOLDER%'.
This will attach only the files which are authorized to be processed by Automatic Email Manager.

Setting to send only authorized attachments from original email

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Information: attachment reply forward - Updated the Tuesday, March 24, 2020