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PUSH performance with Exchange and Office365 accounts

Tutorial / Account / For version: 7

When you add multiple Exchange or Office365 accounts using the real time connection (PUSH) you can face to a perfomance issue (delay to receive emails, slow connection, freeze), it is due to limitation of Microsoft API which enable by default 2 simultaneous connections to Exchange, we increased this limitation but performance goes down and depends on the computer you are running Automatic Email Manager...

To get a better performance we suggest you 2 solutions:
1. Instead of using PUSH, use an interval delay between each check, for example 2 minutes, and more you add accounts in Automatic Email Manager more you need to increase this delay (for example if you have 5 Exchange/Office365 accounts you can set delay to 1 minute, if you have 20 accounts set it to 4 or 5 minutes for each account).

Set interval to minutes

2. If PUSH is important for you, then you should change the type of account, instead of Office365 account use an IMAP4 connection (you can use existing preset for Office365 in IMAP).

Change account Office365 to IMAP

Information: performance, ews, exchange, office365 - Updated the Thursday, March 8, 2018