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Google informed me about access after March 31th

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Since June 20th 2019, Google has approved the requirement for Automatic Email Manager, the tips below is no more need.

You received an email from Google to inform you the application Automatic Email Manager will not have access to your email box after the March 31th, 2019. We did all requested actions by Google and are just waiting for the result (it takes some weeks to get answer!), we are confident that Google will not stop the service.

Even if the service stops suddenly, you can continue to access your Gmail email with Automatic Email Manager by using the IMAP account and set your Google account to allow apps and devices that use less secure sign-in technology. It is easy, follow this tutorial if your access is blocked.

1. Go in your Google account, in security section:

click here to open Google security section ยป
And make sure the option to use less secure app is turned ON.

2. Open Automatic Email Manager:

Add new account, enter your gmail email, click on option 'Use the advanced mode to setup account', click next...

3. Select classic Gmail with IMAP:

now at bottom click on 'a predefined mail provider' and select 'Gmail imap.xml', click 'Next', re-enter your Gmail address in login and your password.

We are sorry for this problem, it should be solved soon, when Google (re)valid the authorization screen in Automatic Email Manager. This problem is due to the Google decision to stop Google+ and the attached API connected to it...

Information: Gmail, oauth - Updated the Thursday, June 20, 2019