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FAQ : All about purchase

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How do I get a quote?

To get a written quote please read this tutorial: https://www.automatic-email-manager.com/Help/How-to-receive-quote
If you need a tax exemption (for example school) and you are located in USA, you should contact the eCommerce customer service directly in USA (please use the product id #300369359):
Tel.: +1 952 646-5022 or +1 800 406 4966
Fax: +1 952 646-4552

How do order without tax?

If you are tax exempt organization in USA, i suggest you this faq: https://www.automatic-email-manager.com/Help/tax-exempt-purchase

How do get w-9 form to order?

You can get W9 form for USA resident:
For non resident:

I’m a reseller, do you offer discount?

Please read our reseller faq here: https://www.automatic-email-manager.com/Help/faq-reseller

Do you offer refund?

No, due to the nature of the software sales business (try before to buy). In accord with many other companies’ procedures, we don't offer refunds under any circumstance. All sales are final. Please review all information available in the web site and try the software for free during 30 days before to purchase it.

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