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FAQ : All about license

FAQ / License / For version: All

How do I enter my license in Automatic Email Manager?

Please take a look to this tutorial here: https://www.automatic-email-manager.com/Help/download-install-register-automatic-email-manager

Can i upgrade from a previous version 6, 5 or 4?

Some months ago we sent you some emails with information on how to upgrade, please find here the main instructions: https://www.automatic-email-manager.com/Home/Help/How-to-upgrade

Perpetual license vs subscription license?

Since version 7 Automatic Email Manager is sold by default with annual subscription, which includes all application updates (including major version) and free technical support, during the subscription. When subscription is not renewed after one year the software stops to work (a renew is very cheap as low as $4/month).
The perpetual license is a lifetime license which never expires, you always have application updates and free technical support.

On how many computers I can install Automatic Email Manager with 1 license?

A license is for one computer, you can add multiple accounts in Automatic Email Manager but if you install on new computer the previous one will stop to work at a random time.

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