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I receive a lot of spam, how to limit it

You want to delete unwanted email like Spam, it is easy with Automatic Email Manager. Here one solution which consists to delete all emails in your email box excluding some with one or more filters. Other solution is just to create a filter which delete emails which doesn't fit the rule.

Step by step:

1. Edit your email account, then move to the list of Actions

Edit your account and move to the list of actions

2. Below the printer selection there is a section to 'Delete email', set this option and move to the end of the assistant.

Move to the delete option

3. Create a new filter which will disable the delete function if it is a safe email

To determine if safe email you can do it by entering the email list of safe sender, or any other rule, when done click next.

Open the about windows

4. Now set the delete action to not delete email

It will overwrite the account default action (delete).

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