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  • Your emails & attachments
  • Save on disk automatically emails & attachmentswith a lot of options like converting in PDF
  • Reply, forwards automatically your emailsdelete on server, execute process, ...
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What is Automatic Email Manager?

Automatic Email Manager is a software that is capable of monitoring your e-mailbox and automatically detects new emails then applies the defined action(s) such as printing email or attachments (can be a FAX, PDF, Word, Excel, Photos, TIFF,...), deleting the emails on the server, backup emails and attachments on disk, merging in PDF, sending automatic reply or forward email, and much more... All this directly to your e-mailbox without any download in your email reader software (like Outlook, Pegasus, Lotus note,...), the software run as a Windows Service and does not need any user interaction to work.
Very easy to use you can define rules which change the action(s) according to the email content or attachment or..., for example print to the secretary's printer if email is an order or delete emails if email doesn't contain a specific keyword.

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Main interface for Automatic Email Manager

A full range of automatic Actions

You have the ability to define action(s) when new emails, URL or RSS are available.

Sending email

Reply, forward emails

Do you need to send confirmation automatically? or simply forward an email copy? or just send emails if a specific email or attachment is received?
Set the action to send, reply, forward emails with email template, you can even forward the original email as attachment.

See how to setup the send emails »

Delete emails on server

Delete email from server directly

Keep your inbox clean!
The action to delete email on server just after process OR after a number of days is present, for example delete email after 7 days.
Your email inbox is like a physical mailbox, you definitely do not want your letters to accumulate inside!

Of course you can set this action via filter which let you clean your inbox from Spam.

Example of deleting spam »

Execute command

Execute external program

You have personal or company  script to run an external program or command like a .bat when new emails or attachments are available? You can do it with the function inside Automatic Email Manager, you even have the ability to include parameters in the command line.

Be green, be eco

Save paper with Eco mode

Print less and better, we added some ECO mode functions which allow you to save papers when you print your emails and/or attachments. It is a new function to reduce the number of page printed, it can for example print on 1 paper page an email with 3 or 4 pages, simply by reducing it in 1 sheet. Try it and discover all 'green' possibilities...

And much more...

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Customer feedback

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I just wanted to drop a note thanking you for your product, Automatic Print Email. We receive a large volume of incoming emails, and I was spending almost 20% of my day just printing them manually and handing them out to our employees! Even then, some were getting lost or never printed because someone had read and unflagged them in the email client. Now I don't have to worry about customer emails getting misplaced or forgotten in the system, and I can spend my time actually doing my job. Your product did exacly what we needed right "out of the box" and tech support has been fast and easy. Thank You!

Chris S. - Fastsigns - USA

We use Auto Print Email to provide our web application users the ability to print directly from the web. This avoids the requirement to maintain multiple printer drivers on multiple OSs. Simple single click printing from the web. We initially had a few problems at our end but with the assistance of the people at Namtuk, our issue was quickly resolved. Superb customer service.

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