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Help with new Gmail security account?

Since july 2014, Gmail changed the default security settings for new account created, now it blocks all access and you receive a message in Automatic Email Manager that your login or password is invalid.
You have to enable the third party connection in your Gmail account, like explained below...
Note: We plan to include the latest Gmail authentication in futur version of Automatic Email Manager.

Step by step:

1. Go in your Gmail account and click on top right icon account to open the menu, then click on My Account

Edit your gmail account

2. In your account, click on menu 'Sign-in & security', now click on 'Connected app & sites'.

Choose the security section

3. Now just enable the option Allow less securities

Allow less securities

4. NOTE:

If you continue to receive the message in Automatic Email Manager that login or password is invalid, you should change the Gmail password to reflect changes. Just go in the Gmail account, Security then Password and change password, it should work fine now.