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Tutorial & Help

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A lot of options are available in Automatic Email Manager, just discover it.

On arrival of new messages

On new emails

- Play this default sound: You can set a sound (wave file) which is played to notify new email.
- Display discreet message: display a message on bottom right of the screen to notify new email.

Email attachment

Options for attachments

- To print PDF attachment...: By default Automatic Email Manager use an internal system to print PDF, in some cases a PDF can't be well printed, so you can use external program like Adobe Acrobat Reader or FoxIt reader.
- To print Word and Excel attachments...: By default Automatic Email Manager use an internal system to print Office doc, in some cases the file can't be well printed, so you can use original Word or Excel application to print.
- Decompress the Zip...: You can disable this to not unzip the email attachment zipped.
- Maximum size for attachment...: You can limit the use of big attachment, just en enter the size in kilobyte, for no limit just set to 0.
- Eco mode: When multiple images...: By default it prints an image after another on same page when it is possible, you can set Automatic Email Manager to print one image per page.
- Exclude all these files type: Specifiy the file extension which are not processed.
- Some malformed emails have...: Some emails are not compliant with standard and attach item without the right format, so Automatic Email Manager can't detects the right attachment, here you can force files with these extension to be managed as standard attachment.

On sending Email

If you want to use the sending actions or message report, you need to setup the SMTP to send emails.

Help for setting your SMTP

- SMTP server address: Generally under the form: or or or
- Use authentification...: If you need to authentify, for example if using your internet provider, geenrally you don't need, if gmail, set it to username/password.
- User name to login: if need authentification.
- Password to login: if need authentification.
- Server port number...: By default it is 25, 587 for Gmail, Outlook,...
- Use a secure connection...: if SSL needs to be used like for Gmail, Outlook,...
- Edit a proxy: if you need a proxy to connect internet.
- Test your smtp...: You can send a test email.

Activity manager

You can save activity (log) each day, when you have a problem to identify it is useful to keep track of detailed errors.

Save log activities

- Save the activity...: Enable the function.
- Folder to save...: Just specify the folder to save the log file.
- Filename to save...: By default there is a filename which will save a log file for each day.
- Size limit for the log...: This is the daily log file which keeps recent activities.

Messages reporting

You can receive a daily report which will describe the emails and actions done during the day.

Option ot get message report daily

- When do you want...: Just choose the day and time you want to generate the report.
- Report only the alerts: To get a short report which contains only errors.
- Send report to this email: You can receive the report by email (make sure to setup your SMTP in section On Sending Email).
- Save report to this place: Set the folder and name for savinfg the report in html format.



- Start Windows service automatically: By default the windows service is always running, you can turn it off then Automatic Email Manager will work only if you run the user interface (this program).
- Start user interface when windows start: By default this program starts when Windows starts.
- Start minimized...: Force to start minimized, if not set Automatic Email Manager starts opened on screen when Windows starts.
- Specify the folder which contains the emails list: It is temp folder taht you can localize on another disk if you have a lot of emails.
- Specify the print job name: The name displayed in the windows printer spooler.
- Specify the email reader...: If you want to open automatically your email reader after some actions you can localize the email reader.

Advanced options

advanced options

- Ability to check multiple accounts...: If you have multiple accounts, Automatic Email Manager can check at same time 3 accounts.
- Enable the message preview in HTML: When you click 'View message' in the email list, it will display the email. As you know html can have some security hole.
- Print a single job when it is possible: You can force Automatic Email Manager to send document to printer under 1 job (email + attachment(s)).
- When using receipt mode...: For receipt printer you can choose the font and size for raw text.