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Tutorial & Help

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The account types

Automatic Email Manager can connect to all major email providers, it supports POP3, IMAP4, Exchange connections and direct to Outlook database file. It is easy to setup, just follow instructions.
NOTE: Here you can find a lot of tutorials on connecting your account »

Create account

Enter an explicit name to refer this account. Then choose the type of account: email or local outlook database.

Is it an email account or an Outlook file?

Choose the type

If you don't know which type of account we suggest you to use IMAP4 which is the best and fastest protocol. For a well know provider, Automatic Email Manager will use default value.

Choose the type of email account

Set the connection settings

These parameters are the same as you will find in your email reader like Outlook, Pegasus,... These parameters are generally given to you by your internet provider (AOL, Compuserve, Orange, Verizon, Free, Sfr, or from your web server provider if you have a web site...).

Set your emails settings

- Server address: Address of your email server given by your internet provider, as describe it is generally something in this form or, or if you have your own web domain it can be, or
- User name to login: Name to use to connect to your server (given by your internet provider), generally it is your email address.
- Password: The password to login to your email account (given by your internet provider).
- Use a secure connection (SSL): is used when you have an email like Gmail (Google),... You can choose the SSL protocol if your company use a special one, by default don't change it.
- Server port number: leave this field as it is because the default value is 110 for a POP3 connection and 143 for IMAP, if you are in a company network with special domain just call your network administrator to ask the correct port to use. If you use SSL for Gmail you have to set this value to 995.
- Using a proxy: You can use a Proxy to access your email, generally used in big companies.
- Mailbox name: You can specify folder where to find the email in IMAP or Exchange. If you want subfolder just specify all folder in this form: Folder1/Folder2/Folder3
- Get only the unread messages: You can specify folder where to find the email in IMAP or Exchange. If you want subfolder just specify all folder in this form: Folder1/Folder2/Folder3
- Set message flag as READ after process: When emails are requested by Automatic Email Manager, your email server set a flag as read or unread automatically, we can force to set it.

NOTE: Some server using POP3 supports folder choice, just enter in the login name the inbox name, example:

Set the delay between each check

You can choose to check every x minutes or at fixed hour like 20:30. You can also set a scheduler to apply only some days between hours range...

Define the delay to check new emails

Apply the actions you want

Just add the actions you want to apply to the emails received, for each action you can set filter...
Important: When you apply new action(s) to an already downloaded message it will not apply on it, new actions apply only to new message.

Set the actions you want to apply automatically