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Email data extractor

Doc. / Help / For version: 7

You can extract only a part of the email and use it to print email, save on disk or send a reply. For example you can extract a delivery address in email or a list of products...
So to do this you need to create template, and then in the actions (print email, save email,...) you can select the model you need:

1. Adding new model

Click on top menu 'Tools', then 'Data extractor edition'. Now you can add or edit a template.

email data extractor editor
IMPORTANT: There is 3 templates which can't be deleted because it is system template:
HTML Body: it takes all email data in HTML format if it exists.
TEXT body: it takes all email data in TEXT format if it exists.
TEXT from HTML convertion: it will convert the email HTML to TEXT format, used to print on receipt printer or use raw data.

email data extractor editor

2. Define the data to extract

- Enter a name to identify this template
- Choose the data source: email data in HTML format if exists, or the TEXT data, or the HTML converted in raw text.
- Choose the starting position and ending position

Note: you can display the raw data of an email (if emails are listed in Automatic Email Manager) to see what you want to extract.

define the data search

3. Now you can use this template to any action using data extractor, for example in printing:

- Add or edit the group of actions you want
- Add or edit a print action
- Now click on 'More options...% and select the template in the selector 'Use these email data'

Print email and select the data template

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