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I receive a lot of spam, how to limit it

Tutorial / Conditions / For version: 7

It is easy to delete spam / junk emails with the conditions, when you add a group of actions (print, save on disk,...) you can specify the conditions (more on conditions here ») and process only legitimate emails.

So 2 simples rules solutions, the first one is simple you enable to process only emails which come from a specific address (for example my web site forms only: form@myshop.com):
Just add the rule: If sender 'Contains' form@myshop.com

setup anti spam 1

It will process only email that come your email.

Now add a new group of actions, add the action delete emails and in the rule just add:
If sender 'Doesn't contains' form@myshop.com

setup anti spam 1

And that's all, it will delete all emails that are not coming from your email.

If you have multiple possible emails adress, you can use operator %OR% between each emails or more simple, use the white list, in the rule operator:
Just add the rule: If sender 'Is in white list' and add your emails to the white list

setup anti spam 1

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